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it's when we were together, still together, now and forever. x3

We are the two cekap's of SMK Seafield
class of 07'

We are 14 year old's going to 15. We left form 2 with loads of hopes.

Wishlist: get great scores for PMR 08'.

happy holssssssss.
parttayyyyyyyy people.
PMR exam :)
choral speaking.
bdae buzz
Here in my home
belated belated.

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Who's 2 Cekap? We are :D

Hazim; 20th September 08'
Ariff; 4th March 08'
Amelia; 20th March 08'
Amir; 26th October 08'
Carlos; 15th April 08'
Wai Yien; 26th May 08'
Chao J.;
Shee Foong; 22nd November 08'
Dicken; 28th July 08'
Fahim; 24th January 08'
Farah; 4rd June 08'
Fibril; 11th April 08'
Hanan; 21st October 08'
Haziq; 13th June 08'
Chuan Wei; 12th June 08'
Wan Tching; 16th September 08'
Farina; 8th December 08'
Jihan; 18th December 08'
Julian; 3rd June 08'
Boon hui; 1st July 08'
Se Yieng;
Leslie; 27th January 08'
Ah Giaw; 13th March 08'
Bryan; 11th December 08'
Shafiq; 6th August 08'
Mike; 22nd October 08'
Nasri; 25th April 08'
Ridhuan; 10th December 08'
Azim; 16th July 08'
Brenda; 27th December 08'
Fazeerah; 3rd June 08'
Mas Adila; 18th August 08'
Aina; 16th June 08'
De Yao; 8th April 08'
Khaleda; 15th October 08'
Wen Lee; 12th June 08'
Ting Wei;
Hui Xian; 26th December08'
Vera Lee; 23rd September 08'

Sunday, March 15, 2009

happy holssssssss.

people.i wonder how many ppl will be reading this??
i m so soooooooooooo sorry for not updating anything on this.
i swear i didnt forget this okay.........
wanna had anygathering?
just sound out lol.
tell me tell me.
let me teach u what u shouldd do.
#1 think of a place and a date.
#2 try to ask people wether can anot
#3 call brenda or sms her or email her or wadever la.just tell her
#4 she will tell the whole cekapian world.

omgosh.i got somthing to tell.
fyi she went kelantan.rite.??
i misssssss u la masssssss!!!
feel free to tell me anything that i can just simply post on this blog.
i love 2cekapianssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

parttayyyyyyyy people.

oh gosh.hw long i din post adi?
so sorry peeps.
i know u expecting me post something here huh??
anyone any gathering plans.??
sry i didnt make it to organise one.
but anyone.just hands up and do it.

owhhhhhh.its xmas time dudes..
n december babies time.
hui xuan.
mua.aka.brenda d sampat.


lets just wish them *including me * a very happy bdae....

n alsooo.

merry xmas to everyone.
nn.happy new year.
hope the new chapter of our life will be better than the previous one.
our friendship is still like what it is.as if forever.
love the one beside u.i mean the one who love u.
n..apreciate.whatever u are having now.
it really doesnt feel good when u loose smth n u started to regret.
i love you peeps.
feel free to just text your fren n tell them u are appreciating them.as a very great friend.

here by,
Love story by taylor swift.
i'm yours by jason marz
and ALL i want for christmas is YOU
and u're hod n cold by katy perry

Music Playlist at MixPod.com


Saturday, October 11, 2008

PMR exam :)

Hey my sayangs, Farina here. I would like to wish all the best of luck for PMR okay. Relax and take a deep breath before doing it. We are all in this together! hahahahahaha.



Friday, August 29, 2008

choral speaking.

lawlllllll.who came today???lol.29/8/08.
who saw the choral speaking???
it's exactly like what we said man.
fazeerah almost get crazy......
okay,stop that.
but seriously.i still think ours is better.
alot alot alot alot more better.
yea ppl??

besides.anyone still keeping captures of the choral speaking??anyone??
if yes pm brenda.XP

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bdae buzz

AINA is on the right side <3

lolll.people.todya is nurul aina's bdae.lol.jz call her aina..easier for all of us.

*edited, picture uploaded

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Comments

ah.the monkey just simply looks cuteeeeeeeeee.

-all the best.-

Sunday, June 8, 2008


lalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaa.tml..school reopen lol.pfft.like we never try b4.i tell u wad.

i miss those days i was crying n lyingggggggggggg on the floor and resist to go to school.

i was terrible last time.omg.very terrible.

i will stick to my bro n say 'i duwan to go in '.

lets discover why.let me tell u why.the damn teacher inside was wth fierce lol.

those days lick hung;s std 1& 2 teacher all were old folks.n u know those folks sure they'll nug u like blahhhhh.n she 24/7 holding the damn big rotan n whack my lil leg.oh goshhhhhhhhh.

haha.by the way.that's past.

just to share with u all lol.

have a happy day tml.a new start make new spot of ur life.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here in my home

I would like to show you something that malaysian artistes had been doing. It's great and it looks awesome. Hope you love it.

About Malaysian Artistes For Unity

" pete was juggling tomatoes.
bored. so he telephoned a few friends. “how about getting together to make an anti-racism national unity song and music video?” all said yes without hesitation. not because pete threatened them with a sharp and rusty knife. but only because they love malaysia.
the contingent swelled to 52 people a few days later. it included filmmakers, dancers, singers, producers, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, designers, footballers, activists, celebrities, students and a florist. nobody would be paid. yet they were enthused. not because they were high on speed. only because they love Malaysia.
they gathered to record the song. it had a catchy chorus and was able to induce a mass sing-along. everyone was happy when it was done. they named it ‘here in my home’. then more people joined. the party now included more than 120 people. but the budget remained exactly zero. it seems even the spreadsheet loves malaysia.
everyone turned up for the video shoot. much fun was had and friendships made. video editors went to work after the shoot was done. both the recording and the video would be given away for free. a gift to the nation. from those who love malaysia to those who feel the same.
did you ask what this is all about?
it’s about love. "
And here comes the vid. Please support them :D

free download

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